Manifesting Through the Chakras in Human Design

Even if you are not familiar with chakras, you have probably experienced their energy. When you are feeling a sense of love emanating from the heart, you are feeling the energy of the fourth chakra – the heart chakra. When you feel like somebody has knocked the wind out of you by violating one of your own personal boundaries, you are feeling a direct hit to your third party, your centre of personal will. You have chakras throughout your body and even outside your own body.

Human Design Development

  • The Seventh Chakra: Commonly known as the Crown Chakra, it is situated at the top, or crown, of your mind. This is where you get inspiration for your strategy or project from your guides, angels, Higher Self, and other celestial resources of greater intellect.
  • The Sixth Chakra: Your Third Eye Chakra is where you get the visual type of your inspiration and see it with your inner vision.
  • The Fifth Chakra: Found in the middle of your throat, this really is where you change vision and thought into words. This is the first reflection on the physical plane of the inspiration you obtained through your crown chakra.
  • The Fourth Chakra: Also named the heart chakra, it is found in the region of your heart and is linked to the sense of love and checks that for full details. Your heart chakra is where you feel the passion and love for your inspiration.
  • The Third Chakra: This is the centre of your personal will. It is located on your solar plexus and is where you create and concentrate the power of your energy, or push, as you move into action.
  • The Second Chakra: Sometimes known as the Sacral Chakra, it is located on your lower abdomen, two or three inches below your belly button. This chakra is related to family, friends, and community. Your sacral chakra is where you share your inspiration with other men and women.
  • The First Chakra: Commonly Known as the Root Chakra. This chakra is located on your pelvic region and is connected with the physical universe. This chakra is the pathway for birthing your inspiration to the physical world.

Use a separate sheet of paper for each chakra, including the title of the chakra at the top of the page. Start in the seventh chakra, the chakra of Divine inspiration, and jot down your ideas about your own inspiration. Continue this procedure through each of the chakras. As you do this work, you will actually be producing an energetic pathway from your first inspiration to the physical reality of it.